Kaofu Chemical Corporation. is a manufacturer and seller of General Purpose Polystyrene(GPPS) and High lmpact Polystyrene(HIPS). Our Polystyrene(PS) is widely used for making household appliances and computer peripherals such as daily necessity, mouse, and electronic packaging by methods of injection and extrusion. Kaofu aims to provide stable quality of products that meets customer needs and establish business that is mutually beneficial. .

In 1978 GPPS plant was established.
In 1982 HIPS plant was established.
In 1987 JAPAN ldemitsu corporation and Marubeni corporation became shareholders with investments of 35% and 10% respectively. The total capital amount was NT$ 180,000,000. During the same period started expansion of PS plant.
In 1989 Completed PS plant expansion.
In 1993 Japan shareholders increased total capital investment to NT$ 386,000,000 and the company became Japanese-funded enterprise under new management team.
In 1996 Obtained ISO-9002 certificate.
In 2002 In March 2002, Kaofu adopt3ed ISO-9001:2001 year version with the purpose to strengthen quality control and enhance international competitiveness, furthermore ensuring superior quality and service for new product developments.
In 2007 In December 2007, Dah Tsaag Corporation (Taiwan) took over management and became shareholder of the company.
In 2008 Kaofu established an engineer plastic division to develop High lmpact PMMA and HIPS-890 flame retardant. ln the same year,Kaofu also obtained approval for ISO-9001:2008 year version.
In 2009 Established research and development department for developing epoxy resin packaging material and other plastic-related materials.
In 2010 Obtained Japan food grade PL authentication.
In 2011 Developed GPPS, High lmpact PMMA product for diffusion plate.
In 2014 Developed High Gloss and High Impact Strength new grade for HIPS.
UL File Number E74014